How to prevent cooking oil slick splash

How to prevent cooking oil slick scattered

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1, less for oil, vegetables many cases, when the oil temperature to the appropriate time, the prime dish in pan, then Conspire a deduction, just the whole oil

2, for more oil when the dish is small, try to wash the dishes to remove moisture and prevent scattered oil slick.
(If there is no way, very professional in one hand and the lid cover and hand down into the dish as soon as possible), this move is anti-sprayed face, but be careful to take the lid’s hand.

3, for fried things (such as fried chicken wings), oil temperature is appropriate, with a special long chopsticks clamped into.

4, noisy explosion of food, First Hand Britain pot clothes to be careful, of course, have to face careful practice when Britain from usual cooking pot can easily top few, naturally a considerable period of time.

5, boiling oil, when oil fried foods, there are sometimes blown food pepper only water, the volume of oil will soon increase, even suddenly spilled from the pot dirty clothes.
In this case, if immediately sixty-seven pepper into the pan, boiling oil can immediately eliminate it.