How to make the kitchen cleaner

Large towels to be stacked Qi code, a small towel is not, as often will be buried in the towel heap can not find.
Small towels can be rolled into a small volume, the code in the drawer Gerry, so take place on the very convenient and free.

income basket

paper towels, skin cleansing products, toiletries and other bottles and jars, how to put it will not appear chaotic? A few baskets to solve the problem, both clean and beautiful.

installed on the hanging rod

in order to save space, hang things up is a good idea.
Commonly used towel hung up, both convenient to take and release, but also allow ventilation, to avoid bacterial growth, more able to maintain its formation.

label classification

finally made the classification is easy to use in the destroyed, one way is to label on the shelf.
Such a simple action, but it can effectively “command” all kinds of items from the original place, but also easy access.