How to maintain the floor during the dry season

With the advent of the heating season, the floor of the winter maintenance issues placed in front of many owners.
Experts advise the public, due to dry weather in Beijing in winter, to prevent the floor cracks too much, the owners enjoy the warmth at the same time, should be appropriate to increase the indoor air humidity.
Solid wood flooring in its own natural texture, high durability and get a lot of consumers.
However, the use of solid wood flooring geothermal heating users may find that after a winter and summer, the floor appeared cracks.
Experts said that to solve this problem, consumers should play on the floor of solid wax.
Relevant experts said, solid wood flooring often retained some internal moisture, in the case of geothermal heating in winter, the floor water loss contraction, the gap between the floor will be increased from.
At this point, on the floor marked with solid wax, will reduce the expansion from the seam.
Room humidity is 50% -60%

winter climate is relatively dry, try to shorten the window time, appropriate increase in humidity in the room, not only have the advantage of people living on the maintenance of the floor is also very helpful.

Many owners may think that the outside air in winter to come in, the city dropped the temperature, the phenomenon of natural seepage from the floor weakened.
In this regard, experts say, the floor from the seam the real reason from the humidity, rather than temperature.
In addition, the higher the temperature of the air, the more saturated the state of water, which means that the relative humidity in winter outdoor also higher.
This time outside the cold air in exchange for, will make the room more dry.
Equipped with an air humidifier is very direct and effective.
Experts said the room humidity is best controlled at 50% -60%.

sudden cold and heat damage to the floor

heating the floor in the process of sudden cold and heat will cause damage to the floor.
Experts suggest that geothermal in the process of opening and closing to step by step, the temperature of the sudden rise and fall will affect the life of the floor.
Ruijia floor, Liu Jianzhong manager told reporters that the first use of geothermal heating, attention should be slow heating, if the temperature is too fast, the floor may be due to expansion of cracking distortions.
“And the use of geothermal heating, surface temperature should not exceed 30 ℃, this time at room temperature in the human body the most suitable ambient temperature below 22 ℃, the floor life can be guaranteed.
“Liu Jianzhong also said that when the weather is warm, indoor no longer need heating, should pay attention to close the geothermal system should slowly, not plunge, otherwise the same impact on the life of the floor.
【Tips】 winter floor care three points

As the winter weather is dry, we must pay attention to fire safety.
Especially for solid wood flooring, the surface is more fragile, open flame may lead to a fire.

Avoid the use of legless furniture, not to be filled with water glassware and porcelain directly on the ground, to prevent excessive local heating, floor damage or container rupture.

As the surface of the winter floor dry, the surface is easy to damage.
Therefore, the winter should be particularly sharp objects to avoid scratching the floor.