How to maintain aluminum products

(1) aluminum products should not be long-term storage of sauce, vinegar, salt and other acid and alkaline items, because the acid, alkali, salt on the aluminum has a corrosive effect. (1) aluminum products should not be long-term storage of soy sauce.
Not to put a long left inside the dish.
(2) When cooking the bottom of the pot do not paste in the burning of coal on.
Aluminum pot when the water can not be dry, otherwise the bottom of the pot will be uneven.
(3) the new bought aluminum pan, the first use of the best first porridge, do not first boil water and steamed bread, because the aluminum and water in the iron, salt will be issued series of chemical reactions, so that aluminum pots of water.
That part becomes black.
Although not harmful, but the impact of beauty.
(4) If you do not use long-term, aluminum products can be coated with a layer of cooking oil (isolated from air to prevent corrosion), and then placed in a relatively dry place.
(1) with the dirt of the aluminum pot, you can use cloth or cotton stained with a paste of decontamination powder (the decontamination powder into a paste, in order to add a little soapy water can be smooth), can be used to remove the dirt.
In the aluminum pan up UNM Clothing back to rub can be erased.
(2) the rice cooked or stew cooked, the aluminum pot is hot, then use the old newspaper or a wet cloth on the surface of the rub, can clean and bright aluminum pan. 3,.