How to do after waking up dry mouth

I wake up dry mouth may be related to your sleeping position.
Some people are accustomed to sleep, nose and mouth Qi used, mouth breathing.. ?? …. ?? ..
In this way, saliva is easy to evaporate, resulting in dry mouth phenomenon.
In addition, the mouth breathing only when the chest is moving, is a very shallow breathing.
Oxygen and carbon dioxide will be unbalanced, will feel very confused breathing.
Therefore, people who breathe through their mouths often snore.
The use of nasal breathing can provide us with cleaner air, mucous membranes and the role of the bacteria barrier. “..
With the nose breathing, we also followed the abdomen to move, so that our whole body is breathing.

To change this bad habit, may wish to change the sleeping position, side, cushion pillows are improved expedient.
Breathing on the mouth is a habit for some people, but it is worth noting that some diseases will make people breathe mouth, such as suffering from severe snoring of the elderly, chronic bronchitis, heart disease, excessive daytime fatigue or
Physical weakness.
We should actively treat the primary disease, from the “roots” to lift the wake up after the phenomenon of dry mouth and thirst.