How to cook the most easily absorbed eggs

How to boil the most easily absorbed eggs

egg protein at 60 ℃ – 65 ℃ coagulation, egg yolk at 60 ℃ – 70 ℃ solidification, the whole egg is at 80 ℃ to solidify.
Boiled eggs, the best is the cold water pot, began to use slow fire until the water to open and then add the fire, so eggs from the shells of the air will slowly release the pores, not to swell and make the eggshell rupture.
Water to cook for 3 minutes, the egg was loose heart-shaped, which is to make the egg yolk in the heating only to the extent of emulsification, this level of nutrients the most beneficial to the human body eggs absorbed.
If boiled into a solid, then the aging of the protein is not conducive to human absorption, but also make the egg smell.
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boiled eggs, there are tips to prevent eggshell rupture

1) the eggs can be soaked in cold water, and then into the hot water to cook, but also to avoid breaking the eggshell.
2) first add a few drops of vinegar and salt water, both to prevent the egg shell crack, but also easy to peel the egg skin.