How to clean the TV

The TV’s internal use in a period of time, will be filled with a thick layer of dust, these dirt accelerated the aging of the machine, increase the radiation, the emergence of snow points, the emergence of a new generation of television sets,
Serious can cause short-circuit, burned components, and even can cause tube explosion.
Therefore, the internal cleaning of the TV once a year.

Cleaning method:

Cleaning the internal TV, the first power off for half an hour, then open the TV’s back cover, with a hair dryer to blow dust blowing,
Cloth wipe light internal lines, and finally dried with a hair dryer.

Cleaning the TV shell, first unplug the power plug, cut off the power, wipe with a soft cloth.
( If the shell oil heavier, you can use 40 ℃ hot water plus 3 to 5 ml of detergent after mixing wipe.

TV screen easy to move ash, can be used special cleaning agent as clean and clean soft cloth cleaning, it can remove the fingerprints on the screen, stains and dirt, or with a cotton ball dipped in cleaning fluid wipe,
Finally, we must dry.
CAUTION: Never clean the cabinet of the TV with petrol, solvents, or any chemical reagents.