How to choose their own pajamas

A good pajamas, we can improve the quality of sleep.
The following through the style, clothing and color to tell you about how to choose pajamas.
Style: tight beam of the chest, abdomen and back and other parts of sleep, it will make a nightmare of terror, to choose a sufficient width, the pajamas of the back and front width, there should be sufficient..
Of the width, must not be too small or just right.
In addition, the pajamas also easy to wear, easy to off and easy to wash.
2.Clothes: cotton pajamas soft, breathable, and can reduce the stimulation of the skin, so to choose cotton, because cotton moisture absorption, can be a good absorption of the skin on the sweat.
Moreover, cotton is different from man-made fibers, does not occur allergic and itching and so on.

raw material texture is the best cotton fabric or cotton-based synthetic fiber.
More ideal pajamas are knitted pajamas, because this pajamas both light and soft, but also have some flexibility.
So this kind of clothing the most comfortable.
Silk pajamas Although the young test slide comfortable, beautiful and sexy, but can not absorb sweat, as a fun pajamas Daoshi a good choice.
3. Color: dark dye on the health of useless, to choose the elegant.. ?? ..
Elegant and light color, both for the family to wear and the role of the head of God, and bright red and brilliant blue pajamas will affect people’s mood of relaxation, thus affecting the rest.
Therefore, the color of pajamas to choose a variety of pink is appropriate, such as pink, pink green, yellow and beige yellow and so on.