How to avoid the summer air conditioning disease

How to avoid summer air conditioning disease

& nbsp; & nbsp; summer, stay in air-conditioned room to work, study, chat, really is a pleasant thing, but in the cold air behind it hidden & ldquo; & rdquo ;, murderous little attention will
provoke disease upper body.
Experts point out that now have air conditioning disease are mostly young people, especially in the company to work, often in white-collar office workers under the central air conditioning.
However, in hot weather, the air conditioning is essential to understand how the scientific use of air conditioning is especially important.

& nbsp; & nbsp; air-conditioned room to pay attention to moisture

& nbsp; & nbsp; many families are afraid of cold air blew more cold cold, so at night when sleeping side open air, while covered with a thick blanket, thinking that it would prevent the air conditioning disease
In fact, the respiratory tract are the most vulnerable, tucked warm not only disease prevention.
Although not suitable for home air conditioning growth of Legionella bacteria will not be infected with pneumonia, but the cold air from the respiratory tract into the body, dry mouth and nose wake up, there will still be cold symptoms.
Dry environment for bacteria and viruses to survive if they find the nose, dry throat when we should be especially careful virus invasion.
At the same time, house dust, dust mites circulation does not go out, there are people with allergies is still prone to allergic reactions.

& nbsp; & nbsp; experts pointed out that frequent air-conditioned room, there must be a transition temperature, for example, put up or turn off the air-conditioning temperature, when the door must first wipe away sweat.
Long stay in air-conditioned room, try to drink plenty of water, often full of water absorption BuTuo ground moisture.
In addition, when the outdoor temperature is below 25 ℃ try not to air conditioning, two o’clock at night after the weather cools, the air conditioning should be adjusted to the sleep state.

& nbsp; & nbsp; enhance air circulation can prevent dizziness

& nbsp; & nbsp; often see young people more fat and body at home all day, open air, or sweating from the outside into the house, the temperature is very low tone
, and some people even went below air conditioning blowing straight, only momentary gratification, not knowing when the direct blow air flow rate increases, the temperature plunged 3 ℃ -4 ℃, head dizzy easily.
Moreover, the sudden cold air is easy to stimulate the sudden contraction of sweat pores and cause headaches.

& nbsp; & nbsp; Medical experts have pointed out that, in addition to air conditioning cause people cold outside, the brain injury is quite serious, should avoid prolonged stay in air-conditioned room, if the best conditions at a constant temperature of about 25 ℃, indoor and outdoor
temperature difference should not exceed 7 ℃, but also regular window ventilation to ensure indoor and outdoor air convection, preferably 1-3 hours off the boot time, open the windows for fresh air, natural cold air is the best.
If conditions do not permit, their best every hour to the outside corridor with windows for ventilation place, especially for a lunch time outdoors, most importantly, do not because of the heat on the air conditioning blowing BARS.
Once the feeling of dizziness, vertigo, must leave promptly air-conditioned room to breathe fresh air.
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& nbsp; & nbsp; air conditioning installation location should be appropriate

& nbsp; & nbsp; at the same time, the reporter learned in the interview, resulting in mounting position air conditioning disease also have a greater relationship.
Guangdong Suning sales service manager Cai Wei pointed out that the tree should not be near a window when the air conditioning installation, highly preferably between 2.2 m -2.5 m.
Do not use when air blowing against the head, lower immunity especially young children.
He says that most complaints for air conditioning and more concentrated in the installation position is not correct, after installation of interior in some places can not be blown, and some places are too violent blows cause discomfort and so on.
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& nbsp; & nbsp; long blowing air to & ldquo; warm & rdquo;

& nbsp; & nbsp; summer outdoor air burning, people generally wear less, but the air conditioner indoor blowing badly, clothes are so thin, such low temperatures
environment likely to stimulate a sharp contraction of blood vessels, blood circulation, leading to joint damage, cold, pain, such as neck and back stiffness, back and limb pain, cold hands and feet numbness are common reactions.
Work long hours in the office, office building, in particular, often sitting in office, may wish to prepare a company’s long-sleeved clothes and trousers, especially young women, the knee joint is best protected by a towel or thicker clothes
while from time to time to stand up and activities activities to promote blood circulation.
If there are elderly people at home, children, do not adjust the air temperature is too low, and the opening half hour to an hour off for a while, or try to use natural air cooling.

& nbsp; & nbsp; use of air conditioning tips

& nbsp; & nbsp; ● air temperature is not too low.
General control in about 25 ℃ is appropriate, lower than outdoor indoor 3 ℃ & mdash; 5 ℃ better.

& nbsp; & nbsp; ● appropriate drink plenty of water in the air-conditioned room.
Available honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, habitat and other boils water when the tea, detoxification.
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● limited air conditioning time.
Even if the weather is hot, do not open air all day, but it can not directly facing the wind.

& nbsp; & nbsp; ● keep the room air fresh.
Timed to ventilate the room, morning and evening at least once every 10 & mdash; 20 minutes.
Also, avoid smoking air-conditioned room.
Even the open air, it is best to open the window a fraction ventilation.

& nbsp; & nbsp; ● access to air-conditioned rooms at any time to change clothes.
At night, cover with towel or thin quilts, especially Gaiyan belly bulge.