How do not open the bottle opener red wine

not open wine bottle opener how

Method One: Law

knock the bottom with a hammer can probably stick beat bottom, knocking slowly, one should not too much force, if something is too hard to knock the bottom, such as a hammer child
in hammer child can not be in direct contact with the bottom, in the middle there must be something to do with a soft protection.
You can use books, clothes and the like, paper boxes and so on.
Too much force, cracking the bottle may look, it is possible to make the same wine as beer erupted.
If, in the find knock bottle, the bottle can also be used to knock on the wall, like a tree, but also good protection, do not crumble bottle.

Method Two: heating

red wine in warm them, the inner air expansion will accelerate the relocation of wine corks.
Cork out part of the time, you can use a knife, or a screwdriver to pry out.

Method three: homemade

opener with a screwdriver to a screw screwed into the cork inside.
Note that the diameter of the screw to be large, the length to be long, so as to be effective.
When screwed in, do not use too much force to prevent the bottle into the bottle inside.
Then pliers with a screw, pull out.
This is equivalent to a self-opener

four: Promoting cork

with a hammer, chopsticks advance directly to the stopper inside the bottle, is not recommended, sparkling wine corks, and indecent.
Comments: Recommended to open the wine bottle opener.
There is a downside to not having to concentrate the opener.
The first knock bottle method, wine bottle will be normal precipitation, so open bottles should be avoided shock.
The second heating method: red wine afraid of heat, so it is not a good idea.
The third self-made opener: If you take care, you can achieve the same effect as the bottle opener, but the tool may be more difficult to find.
Conditional, recommend this method.
The fourth, in fact, is indecent, it is not the first, and second shortcomings.