Hair tips

1, the 1 group sewn in a small bag, for sewing needle into the bag, needle inserted in which will not rust.
2, match damp, you can insert it, over 2 minutes out, match head to dry.
Do not despise this.
3, the basin wall is easy to accumulate dirt, and not easy to erase.
Can be used chaos 1 pinch, dipped in water wipe, and soon will be able to remove the dirt above the basin.
4, nylon stockings, such as silk, if not timely repair after the break hole will be growing.
Once found socks off, can be socks off, pull a long, through the jumper ring hole, gently a live button, home for processing.
5, the occurrence of minor trauma bleeding, in the absence of hemostatic drugs in the case, can be cut off a handful, with the fire into ashes, sprinkled on the wound, can immediately stop bleeding.
Do not want to use.
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