Fumes from the kitchen too? Using vinegar to grease

cooking fumes too how to do?

First, maintain ventilation

good ventilation will reduce the deposition of soot, so be sure to do the kitchen ventilation work.
In the case of permitting, as far as possible to make the kitchen window open, increase air circulation and keep the natural ventilation.
During the installation of the hood, or to choose cost-effective pumping Cheap Cigarettes fume hoods good effect.
Also, when cooking, range hood should always be open.
After the finished dishes do not turn it off quickly, it should continue functioning state hoods, air remaining in the soot absorption off ten minutes after the cooker hood off.

Second, the clever use of vinegar to

kitchen grease fumes for a long time can not be dispersed, it will be deposited on the ground, resulting in a layer of sticky dirt, walking on the ground is very uncomfortable.
When cleaning the kitchen floor, you can sprinkle in a dash of vinegar on the mop, scrub the ground again, the effect is better.

Third, detergents, vinegar, water

long-term use of the kitchen, it will produce a layer of sticky stains on the wall the wall, that the use of decontamination is difficult to completely remove detergent.
There is a way to easily get rid of soot on the walls.
Prepare detergent, vinegar, water, the three mixed and uniform mixing, take a clean cloth dipped in solvent mixture taken out after completely soaked twist to the semi.
The mixed solvent rag on the cover on the wall tiles grunge, boring for a while, and then wipe the kitchen tiles.
In this manner the cleaning walls, it is easy to get rid of grease, it is worth reminding must use water.

Fourth, the odor of cooking a slice of lemon or vinegar when cooking sometimes

compare the nose with a thick smoke flavor, we want to reduce the smoke flavor produced when cooking, you can while cooking or cook a bowl of lemon slices
vinegar, acidic substances produced by these things can adsorb soot in the air, thereby reducing kitchen smoke flavor.

Fifth, at any time clean sweep fumes most common treatment method most commonly present in

kitchen when ready to clean.
When immediate fumes, smoke on the walls, the newly formed appliance with a clean absorbent cloth to wipe clean.
Once the soot deposited on the need for other methods for processing.

Six, fried green tea drunk green tea

us, in addition to when the tea, there are fumes eliminate the effect, of course, the premise is slightly under processing.
Green tea itself with a fragrance, stir the pot of green tea is placed, the green tea fragrance into the atmosphere, with tea to suppress soot bring flavor.
But it should be noted that green tea do not fry paste, or just the opposite.