Four Seasons reincarnation that tea

Four seasons of the year, spring and autumn several times, tea should also be divided into sections, due to their own conditions vary.
Tea due to variety, origin of different, cold, warm, sweet, bitter and other different properties, the role of the human body are also different.
Can be described as someone goods, tea with tea.
Personal preference naturally important, why not add tea to protect the health of the body it!

vernal time the body with nature, as in the occasion of the hair Shu, should drink jasmine, osmanthus and other tea.
Huacha of the temperature, spring tea can be distributed in the winter to accumulate in the human body chill, promote human yang hair growth.
Not to mention floral tea without floating, cool and not turbid, it is refreshing, refreshing.

into the summer heat of summer, hot, body fluid consumption, often sweat dripping, refreshing cup of tea, Longjing, Mao Feng, Biluochun tea is better and better.
Because at this time to drink tea refreshing, detoxifying, heat, thirst, strong heart refreshing, especially green tea taste bitter cold and slightly sweet and fragrant taste, rich in nutrients vitamins, amino acids, minerals, both refreshing and soothing, and
Can add nutrition, really best of both worlds.

until the autumn cool autumn, day Heights wide season, dry weather, people often feel thirsty, then if a cup of oolong, Tieguanyin green tea will feel a warm comfortable.
Green Chacha is moderate, between red, green tea between, not cold not hot, suitable for autumn weather, green tea liquor color golden yellow, shape fat evenly curled tight knot, color Green Run, endoplasmic fragrance, its refreshing taste sweet.

winter, cold, dormant all, pathogenic cold attacks, physiological dysfunction, fade-yang, Chinese medicine: & ldquo; winter session, the vitality of all things closed Tibet, the human body’s physiological activity is suppressed.
Health of the Road, you almost warm warm “, so the winter tea to black tea for the top grade.
Sweet warm tea, can raise human yang; tea is rich in protein and sugar, heat warm belly, enhance the body’s resistance to the cold, but also to help digestion, to Cigars brand greasy.
Black tea can warm stomach, refreshing, but also to help digestion, but also relatively mild, so you can use instead of the usual black tea drink green tea.
Also, if you must drink green tea, then add some dates is very necessary.
Because red dates are also warmer, it can help to get rid of the coldness of green tea.