Four misunderstandings of drinking tea

Myth: The more expensive tea, the better the weight loss.

Since the effective weight loss of tea is one of the polyphenols and theaflavin substances, as well as the caffeine and theophylline, then we must choose these substances with high tea, and these factors and price has nothing to do.
Myth: drink weak tea will be able to help lose weight.

Any active substance, need a sufficient dose to play a health effect.
In the weight loss of effective research, the daily number of tea polyphenols in 90 ~ 690 mg.
Just drink 32 cups of fragrance light tea, is not the role of weight loss can not be.
Misunderstanding 3: tea to lose weight can be long-term maintenance.
Drinking tea on the weight of the control does not necessarily have a long-term maintenance effect ( .20111998871211219982387

Once stopped drinking tea, weight is likely to return.
Misunderstanding 4: a large number of tea at night, with less sleep to lose weight way to.
For people sensitive to caffeine, drinking tea may affect sleep, so in the morning and the morning tea more appropriate. “..
Such as tea after 5 pm, may cause insomnia at night, while reducing sleep and can not improve weight loss, but also increased blood sugar, increased appetite to promote hormone levels, it is worth the candle.