Flower plants smoke “poison” row seats

flowering plants suck & ldquo; toxic & rdquo; row seating

original is always subjective view that leaves the bigger plants suck & ldquo; toxic & rdquo; the stronger, it is not true, read the following seating chart, you will understand:

first, spider plants: it can be within 24 hours, you can eliminate one cubic meter of air in 80% of the harmful substances, absorb 86% formaldehyde; can stove, electrical appliances, plastic products emitted carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide absorption Scots

second, Sansevieria (including Pleione huge leaves and other foliage plants): Sansevieria pot can eliminate one cubic meter of air over 80% of a variety of harmful gases, Sansevieria during the day can also release a lot of oxygen
Third, aloe vera: flower proverb said, “Chlorophytum Aloe is strong, formaldehyde scared to hide away.
“In the 24-hour lighting conditions, you can eliminate 1 cubic meter of air contained 90% of formaldehyde.

fourth Ivy: You can eliminate one cubic meter of air in 90% of benzene, able to deal with bacteria and other harmful substances from the outside brought back, even vacuum cleaners are difficult to absorb even breathe dust.
Fifth, agave: can eliminate 1 cubic meter of air 70% benzene, 50% formaldehyde and 24% trichlorethylene.

absorb formaldehyde are: cactus, green radish, anthurium, cycads, asparagus, Monstera, grass

drug absorption stupid are: gold ivy, cycads and other

addition, the use of indoor environmental purification plants
Pollution should pay attention to four principles.
First, according to the indoor environmental pollution targeted selection of plants. 1,.
Some purification plants to certain harmful substances adsorption effect stronger, if a targeted selection and breeding in the room, can play a significant effect;

Second, according to the degree of pollution of indoor plant selection, indoor environmental pollution in general light
and moderate pollution, exceeds three times the national standard of environment, using purification plant can receive better results;

Third, depending on the function selection and display of plant room, strong nighttime plant respiration, the carbon dioxide release
, put plants in the bedroom too much is not conducive to sleep at night;

Fourth, according to the room size of the area selection and display of plants, under normal circumstances, a room about 10 square meters, 1.5 meters tall plants more appropriate to put two basins