Eliminate the smell of the refrigerator to save money

Refrigerator with a long time, there will be unpleasant smell, in addition to the use of deodorant or timely cleaning of the refrigerator, the following simple method can be used in addition to taste. 1121998871111219982312711219982387

1. Burning the briquette after the complete removal of Liang Liang, into the refrigerator (in order to make the refrigerator clean, can be as disk), place a day or two to remove the odor.
2. Steamed bread left a small piece of raw noodles in the bowl, placed in the refrigerator freezer upper, refrigerator 2-3 months without odor.
3. With gauze bag 50 grams of tea (informal varieties) into the refrigerator, can remove the smell.
A month later removed, placed in the sun exposure, and then into the gauze into the refrigerator, can be used as many times.
4. With a clean cotton towel, folded neatly on the refrigerator upper. 4. .1..
The tiny pores in the towel absorb the smell of the refrigerator.
(www.aizhi5.com11219982377) over time, remove the towel with warm water, dried and then can be used.
5. Will be a few pieces of fresh orange peel Kaigan dry, scattered into the refrigerator, the scent can also drive away the smell of the refrigerator.