Egg white magic

Egg white, also known as chicken white, in the time of making the cake will often egg white and egg egg white and separated from the CigarsCheap.
Using egg white labeled paste.
Not only can do delicious, but also a very good cosmetic effect.
Here to see egg white not only have these functions, what effect it.
Hemostasis: the egg white smear on the gauze, and then deposited in the wound….
The composition of egg white with the role of coagulation of the blood can stop bleeding.
Prevention and treatment of malaria: 1 fresh eggs, take egg white and into the 20 ml of white wine, mix thoroughly 1 oral.
Prevention with a weekly, and even served 2 to 3 times; treatment with double the dose, 1 to 2 hours before the onset Dayton clothing.
Treatment of burns: the fresh eggs placed in 75% alcohol disinfection for 15 minutes, according to aseptic operation at both ends of the egg to play a small hole, so that egg white into the disinfection bowl (with the preparation).
Wound debridement treatment (if blisters should be cut off), that is coated with sterile cotton ball dip egg white liquid, 1 day 2 to 3 times.
Generally 6 to 15 hours to form a yellow scab wound that time, pain relief, body fluid exudation stop or reduce.
Treatment of child: a child, also known as warts, very stubborn..
Every night before going to sleep will be the affected area skin wash, with raw eggs attached to the child at the child, the next morning off, a week or so children can automatically fall off.

treatment of cervical erosion: cervical saline wiping coated with fresh egg white (eroded part of the more coated some), and then saturated with egg white cotton ball plug in the cervix, the next day out.
3 to 5 consecutive days for a course of treatment, if invalid can continue the second course of treatment.
Menstrual cramps to stop treatment.