Egg life magical

Eggs can be said that every household every day to eat nutritious food.
Not only egg nutrition comprehensive, edible, and even eggshell also has many magical effect.
The following Xiaobian give us about egg shell what magical effect.

1, clean clothing

most people on the clean white clothing at home are very headaches.
Egg shells can help you.
The clean eggshell with white clothing first cook for 5 minutes, and then carefully wash clothes, you can achieve to the yellow, clean purpose, so that the same white clothes as new to buy.
You can also crush the eggshell, into a small bag, soak in hot water for 5 minutes, then the hot water can also be washed.
2, beauty skin care

can be said that the eggs are from the outside to the outside good cosmetic materials.
Eggshell is no exception.
The eggshell attached to the egg white scraping placed in a clean vessel, add a teaspoon of honey and skim milk powder for mixing, even paste can be used to attaining, 30 minutes after the normal cleansing.
Stick to it can be found more delicate and smooth facial skin.
Blackhead friends can peel off the inner membrane of the shell when the nose paste.
3, clean household utensils

Household bottles, cups, juice machines and other containers with a long time after often attached to a lot of dirty things, many mothers found that cleaning these containers is very laborious.
We may wish to crush the eggshell, into the need to clean the containers which, then add water shake and rinse.
In this way, cleaning the vessel not only the cleaning effect is obvious, but also very safe! 4, treatment of pain

studies have shown that eggshell for pain and wound healing has obvious effect.
If there are burns and other trauma, crusting crust can be applied external wound, or peeled off the outer shell of eggshell, can achieve pain, anti-inflammatory effect.