Does honey have shelf life?

A bottle of honey can drink for a long time, whether there is no shelf life of honey, and why foreign honey so welcome Today, we come to reveal the secret hidden in honey.

one. Does honey have a shelf life?

Honey has no shelf life, this premise is that honey must be pure enough.
American archaeologists in the pyramids of ancient Egypt found an altar more than 3,000 years ago, honey.
This altar of honey has not deteriorated, there is no dry into a block, you can still eat.
So, honey is not shelf-life.
But the honey is a shelf-life, the state in 2006 to implement the “GB18796-2005” honey production standards, the mandatory requirements of honey enterprises in the bee product is marked on the two-year period. “..
Most companies also target two years.
Some honey companies target is 18 months.
If you see the crystallization of honey, in fact, nothing, you can eat.
Crystal cigarettes store crystal is only the state of the different, does not affect the quality.
If your honey is pure enough.
Looks should be fine, those honey, after all, is placed in the refrigerator.
What kind of honey put a long time can not eat it? Is that the moisture content is too high, after a hot day fermentation, glowing sour and alcohol, so that honey can not eat.
If your honey does not smell, I think you can continue to eat, even after a shelf-life is not a problem – you did not say what brand of honey, if it is high-quality honey, but no problem.
If you do not worry, you can also spend time in the bath.
Second, the foreign honey must be good? Honey has a shelf-life do?
Whether it depends on the purity of its consumption

11219988711112199871111219982387 honey depends on the quality of its decision taken by the flower species may be some countries in the world some special flower species, particularly beneficial to the human body, but after all, very little
Less, even if the amount of his supply is not possible all over the world, so in this respect, China’s honey should be and most of the foreign honey is not very different.
In addition, imported honey, or honey bought from abroad, in general, are unlikely to be the original honey.
Foreign original honey may be very good, but in general, to become a commodity, to enter the mall, to enter the supermarket, honey honey must also remove the original characteristics: will produce foam, the original honey is relatively rare,
Sub-color taste inconsistencies and so on.
This means that consumers buy the so-called imported foreign honey, or entrusted to take back from New Zealand honey, honey is actually a foreign supermarket, nutritional value is not, and China’s supermarket honey is not much difference.