Cleaning methods for domestic carpets

economic development, people’s income level is also higher and higher, the quality of life of the family is also rising, the living room decoration also pay attention to high-grade, and people one for comfort and beauty; the second is to protect the floor, then began to choose carpet laying
But the carpet is beautiful and comfortable, but also there is a serious problem is: home carpet cleaning, how to properly clean the carpet, it will not hurt the carpet fiber, but also effective sterilization? Here I will give you a brief introduction to a few
Carpet cleaning methods.

If the family carpet accidentally stained with juice how to do, but very stubborn juices, bad cleaning.
How to do a home carpet cleaning, remember not to use four-four disinfectant, or a hard brush for cleaning.
You can first use about 5% of ammonia for cleaning, and then washed again with detergent.
Ammonia on the carpet fibers also detrimental to the role, therefore, as little as possible, and then use the detergent again.
You can also use soap to clean the appropriate selection of alcohol for cleaning is possible.
We can use for cleaning wine stains on the line, if it is pure wool or silk carpets, we must use oxalic acid for cleaning.
For tea and coffee stains are also suitable for the above method.
For, vomit cleaning can be wiped with gasoline and then the concentration of 5% ammonia water for cleaning, and finally, then warm water on the line.

home carpet cleaning method to determine the specific stains, the election of the method both safe decontamination, but also to extend the use of carpet time.
If the method is not right, it will be counterproductive.
Therefore, cleaning decontamination is not common law, to know how to care for the carpet, try to keep the carpet clean, do not stained with stains.