Clean stainless steel sink coup

stainless steel sinks dirt do not stiff brush

dishwashing water bubbles and water will evaporate minerals will leave white state, above the long-term dirt accumulation tired II & V several layers become difficult to easily washed off, if only a single rag
It is no use, wash stainless steel sink. Do not use a nylon brush and scouring powder, as it will scratch.

homemade natural to sewage, not to hurt the sink, sink drain

flow management units clean, although the market selling all kinds of detergents, also easy to use, but they are by the chemical composition, the use of long-term exposure, inevitably her mother worried
, rust because water has alkaline properties, with citric acid can also wash dirty deodorizing function, sharing homemade simple natural citric acid spray:

universal baking soda: 10g, citric acid: 10g, water:
40ml, a spray bottle.


citric acid spray tank first flow management units are first sprayed, available kitchen towel cover wish tens of minutes to several hours can be, then, and then sponge once grazed, you can see dirty water stains amazing
It changes.
Also remember to water faucet, but also with a slit at the switch, then brush or scrub toothpick removed dirt.

easily clean drainage holes and drainage pipes drain hole cup

strong channel is small, if not kept clean, it will have unpleasant rancid odor, then you can try and diluted with water cup baking soda in a small cup of rice, then pour
the warm water (60-70 degrees), not boiling, so over time, causing cracking water pipes, into the post, with s special tube or a commercially available long brush to scrub; drainage cup after a day longer in use,
remember to use the aforementioned homemade spray stencilled, buy more filters attached to kitchen drained to avoid snake, cockroach.

want shiny and clean flow management units and sink rust without too much effort, it can be easily carried out in a small way through the kitchen, big clean once a month.