Clean pots and pans without tiring coup

clean pots and pans without tiring coup

coup 1: all kinds of pots and pans, dishes cleaning method

1, greasy pot: put a tablespoon of fried stuff the rest of the flour, and then injected into the hot water, on the stove
on to the boil, then cold, then sponge wash clean.

2, charred pot: the washing and cleaning powder together crumbled eggshells, you can cleared away.

3, pan-black aluminum pots: Always wash clean pan-black aluminum pan, you can put the apple on the pot boil to by the action of an acid to remove dirt.

4, charred enamel pot on: enamel pot charred unavailable hard metal brush, because it will scratch, first sprinkle baking soda with a soft sponge dip water patience wipe.

5, pottery pot with tea leaves to remove the odor: Just put some tea leaves boiling water can absorb odor, with the bubble tea on it.

6, greasy dishes: rice washing water is heated to the degree of warm water and then used to wash the ingredients contained inside having the same dish detergent and cleaning power, can fully remove the dirt.

Coup 2: glass stain removal method

1, wipe with lemon: lemon squeezed through with a stick wipe salt, citric acid to remove the oil, salt, but instead of cleaning powder, the surface of an embossed cups are just as effective

2, wipe the skin with a potato: potato peel into the cup Riga water, hand cover, and then shake vigorously, potato starch will absorb dirt, skin and can replace the brush, the most suitable for cleaning hands are not in the end of the long structure

3, with the protein wash: the shell with a little protein residues to wash with a sponge dip, wipe the cup again on the line, you can clear the fog and so become clean and transparent glass.

coup 3: stain removal method wok handle on

1, ready cleanser and disposable chopsticks.

2, slashing disposable chopsticks appropriate tip, moistened with water and cleanser forced removal.

handle around the groove and then how maintenance will still fouling, this method can easily remove

wash areas that are not so stubborn dirt disappear.

Coup 4: Let the new more durable ceramic pot method

1, in the pot filled with water on the fire, boil low heat slowly at first, then turn off, so that slowly cool.

2, thin cracks sometimes occur when used, but as long as the cook to cook porridge, how much can be filled.

3, when a drop of water to the outside of the pot remember to dry, if heated in the presence of water droplets may break the case, as long as a lot of attention when enabled, pottery pot becomes relatively strong, can feel at ease Cigar Store later use.

slowly over low heat to allow water to evaporate is secret, and finally be able to cook soft sesame salt.