Chopsticks at home will also breed bacteria

People will often eat a few pairs or more than a dozen pairs of chopsticks to the same dish to take their food……
In fact, chopsticks mix, it is easy to contaminate a variety of bacteria.
The study found that many bacteria are transmitted through the chopsticks.
A pair of unclean chopsticks may be with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of bacteria and viruses.

Once the use of such chopsticks, it is easy to contract the disease.
When parents use such chopsticks to feed their children, or a lot of people on the table with chopsticks folder the same dish, these pathogenic microorganisms will spread through the chopsticks, causing cross-infection. (Date: 2007-8-17)
This and can not be discounted, the best of the family chopsticks dedicated person.
As the chopsticks often used, especially when we wash the chopsticks are often the whole of the chopsticks on the rubbing under the faucet, chopsticks on the residual bacteria and viruses.
To this end to regular disinfection, the best chopsticks stored in a ventilated and dry place, to prevent mold contamination, put the box also chopsticks regularly cleaned and disinfected.