Buy furniture tips

Furniture to buy tips

Furniture and our lives are closely related to a direct impact on the quality of life and good health.
80 to get married, here to tell you ten tips to buy furniture, to remind you to buy furniture before the best knowledge of the reserves in advance.

1, the furniture material is reasonable

different furniture, surface materials are different.
Such as tables, chairs, cabinets of the legs, require hard wood, relatively strong, can load, and internal materials can be used other materials; coat the thickness of the legs to reach 2.5 cm thick, too thick to appear clumsy, thin
Easy to bend deformation; kitchen, bathroom cabinets can not do with fiberboard, but should use the plywood, because the fiber board will swell, damage; table should be washed.
Found that there are wood insects eyes, out of the end, indicating that drying is not complete. ||| ||| |||
Check the surface, but also open the door, drawer inside the door to see there is no decadent material, you can pinch a pinch with fingernails, pinch into the description of the material inside the decadent.
Open the door after the door with a smell, such as red nose, dazzling, tears, indicating the formaldehyde content of glue is too high, will be harmful.

2, whether the formation of four-foot furniture

the furniture on the ground a shake know, and some furniture, only three legs landing.
Take a look at the desktop is straight, not bow back or collapse of the waist.
Desktop raised, the glass plate will spin; Desktop concave, the glass plate on a pressure on the broken.
Note check door, drawer sub-seam can not be too large, to pay attention to the vertical and horizontal, the door can not droop.
Small furniture, such as chairs, stools, racks, etc. in the selection of concrete on the ground can drag a drag, gently thrown Yishuai, crisp sound, that the quality is better; if the sound dumb, there is a dumb, there is not a good choice;
Pilipala murmur, indicating that the combination of mortise is not tight, the structure is not strong.
The table can be shaken by hand and shake to see the stability of instability. “..
Sofa can sit and sit, if you sit on a creak creak, a shake to shake, is a nail live, will not take long.

square table, tables, chairs, legs should have four triangular clips, from the fixed effect, the selection can take a look at the furniture upside down, cloth chair by hand touch.

4, veneer furniture, patchwork Yan lax Whether paste wood veneer

, PVC or paste pre-paint paper, should pay attention to whether the leather was smooth paste, without drum bag, blister, patchwork lax phenomenon.

check to see the light, or do not see.
Ash wood veneer veneer furniture easier to damage, generally only two years.
In the case of wood veneer, veneer is better than peeling.
Identify the two methods is to look at the pattern of wood, sliced ​​veneer wood texture straight and dense, peeling veneer pattern and sparse.
Particleboard veneer furniture, the landing part of the edge, the edge board will absorb moisture, swollen and damaged.
General veneer furniture corner place easy to tilt, the selection can pull by hand at the corners, if a pull on together, indicating a problem with plastic.
5, whether the formation of furniture package edge

Edge uneven, indicating that the material within the wet, a few days will edge out.
Edge should also be rounded, can not be straight at right angles.
The edge of the seal with the wood is easy to tide or crack.
Plywood package inlaid furniture, package is used nail nail, and pay attention to whether the formation of nail eyes, nail and other office where the color is the same.
Usually nail holes are sealed with putty, putty to pay attention to whether there are bulging, as described not drum up slowly putty will fall out from the inside.

6, the mirror furniture to take a photo


selection of furniture with mirrors, such as dressing table, clothes mirror, full-length mirror, pay attention to according to a photo to see whether the deformation of the mirror, check the mirror at the rear mercury
Whether there is a liner and back, no backplane failure, no paper is not OK, otherwise it will worn out the mercury.

7, smooth paint to paint part of the furniture to be part

smooth, do not wrinkle, no knots and so on.
Corner section not straight edge at right angles, at a straight edge easily collapse slag, Diaoqi.
( Siemens furniture inside a paint brush should not paint the board easy to bend, not beautiful.

8, accessories, installation is reasonable

check door lock switch Ling ineffective; cabinet should be installed three concealed hinges, some only installed two will not do; the last three screws, and some cut corners, only on a screw
, Use will be out.

9, sofa, soft bed to sit

pick the sofa, soft bed, you should pay attention to the surface to be smooth, not spiky; software and hardware should be uniform, but not this hard, piece of soft; Flex to be moderate
, Neither too hard nor too soft.

selection method is to sit on a hand press a press, flat uneven, spring ring does not ring, if the spring layout unreasonable, resulting in spring bite spring, it will beep.
Secondly, we should also pay attention to whether the disconnection quilting, jumper, the density of sub-corner teeth are reasonable.

10, the color should be coordinated with the interior

white furniture, although beautiful, but a long time easy to turn yellow, and black ash-prone, do not then FIG pretty confused to the last white is not white, not black black.
Generally speaking, imitation mahogany-colored furniture is not easy to change color.