Boiled eggs are also kinds of knowledge

We all know that eggs are divided into egg yolk, egg white and egg shell three.
Boiled eggs look at the simple, but the egg yolk solidification temperature is 68 ℃ – 71 ℃, the egg white solidification temperature is 62 ℃ – mbt shoes sale,
, In the egg yolk outside, low solidification temperature of the egg white will quickly solidified and hardened, thus hindering heat transfer to the egg yolk, affecting the solidification temperature higher solidification of the egg yolk, cooked boiled egg white ripe.

If the cooking time is too long, excessive protein denaturation, eggs will become very hard, neither delicious, but also affect the digestion and absorption.
】 【Aichi network pointing to you boiled eggs have to be law.
Eggs to use cold water pot, and then slowly warming, the water boiled for two minutes or so off the heat, heat five or six minutes and then remove the shock with cold water can eat.