Apple’s four “alternative uses”

Apple is known as “the king of fruits,” it is rich in nutrients, eat more apples on the health of people is very good for people. “..
However, Apple can not only eat, there are other uses oh.
Here we summarize Apple’s four “alternative use”, take a look at it!
Storage potatoes into the cardboard box, put a few green apples, and then covered and put in the shade.??????????
Can keep fresh potatoes is not bad.

Remove the astringency

The persimmon and apple mixed in a closed container, 5-7 days later, you can remove the astringency of persimmon.

Ripening banana and apple into the plastic pocket, baring mouth, about a few hours later, the green banana can be yellowed ripening.
Decontamination of aluminum pot with a long time, the pot will be black….
Can be fresh apple skin into trouble, add the right amount of water, cook for 15 minutes, then rinse with water, aluminum pan will become bright as new.