Anti-snoring tips

Snoring is snoring, professional term called snoring disease..
Snoring is one of the diseases of many men, according to the survey, half of the men are sleeping snoring is the phenomenon of snoring will affect the quality of sleep, resulting in no work spirit, but also easily lead to apnea, sudden sudden death, great harm
So how to prevent snoring? The following teach you to prevent snoring tips.
1, choose the appropriate pillow

Some people think that the pillow to help improve breathing height, in fact, there is counter-productive….
It is recommended to choose soft, flexible, high and low the appropriate pillow, in order to facilitate breathing unobstructed.
2, do not drink before bedtime

a lot of sleep in the winter that can drink a cup of cold, studies have shown that drinking before going to bed will lead to blood sugar, blood pressure, leading to narrowing of the respiratory tract, shortness of breath, leading to snoring.
So do not drink before going to bed.
3, the use of humidifier

how to prevent snoring, and keep the bedroom moist air to avoid throat and oral dryness, but also to prevent the accumulation of excessive nasal mucus in the nose.
4, before going to bed to eat some honey

honey helps lubricate the throat, unobstructed respiratory tract, so before going to bed can add some honey to prevent snoring.
5, proper exercise

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, strengthen the exercise, appropriate weight loss, to maintain a good body, which help solve the problems of sleep and quality of life snoring problems.