A small way to relieve neck and shoulder pain

alleviate neck and shoulder pain small method


people often work at the desk for a long time, but after sedentary, or tired, often when there is neck pain in the shoulder, the following to introduce a
1, to find a chair to sit back, breathing & rarr; hands back to the back; breath & rarr; chest, waist, abdomen to push forward.
Keep the natural breathing 10-15 seconds; 2, hands back grip, shoulders open as far as possible backward, head to the back, chest push forward, feeling your back muscles pull back;
Waist down, breath, breath down, with the chest and abdomen to stick thighs, arm up as far as possible, to maintain natural breathing.
Tips: Although this method can relieve pain, but suggest that you work in 1-2 hours after the event, stand up and twist the appropriate waist, turn around the neck, relax, and then put into the work of Jianzhan
In, only work and rest in order to better play the work efficiency!