90% of people wash their faces are wrong

Some people may ask, from an early age every day, this is also used to teach it? For women on this issue conducted a street survey and found that more than 80% of the people wash their faces have errors or omissions.
In fact, blackheads, acne and other skin problems are not the right way to wash your face, wash is not clean.
That is, the use of expensive cosmetics, if not the right method of operation, the same can not achieve the effect of cleaning and beauty.
So, how to wash your face just right? Here are six steps to wash your face: the first step: the face with warm water

wash water temperature is very important.
Some people figure easy way, wash your face with cold water; some people think they are oily skin, use hot water to wash the face of the grease.
In fact, these are the wrong view, the correct way is to use warm water.
This will not only ensure that the pores fully open, and will not make the skin of natural moisturizing oil is too much loss.
Step 2: so that the full cream from the cleanser

no matter what kind of cleanser, the amount should not be too much, the size of a coin can be.
Before applying to the face, be sure to first cleanser in the palm of the hand full of bubbles, forget this step up to the people, and this step is the most important step.
Because, if the cleanser is not full from the foam, not only can not reach the cleaning effect, will remain in the pores caused by acne.
Of course, the bubble is the better, you can also use some easy to make cleanser foam from the tool.
Step 3: Gently massage 15 under

Foam applied to the face after a circular motion gently massage, do not be too hard to avoid wrinkles.
About 15 or so massage, so that the bubble throughout the face.
The fourth step: cleaning cleanser

With cleanser massage finished, you can clean the.
There are some women afraid of washing is not clean, with a towel to scrub, so delicate skin is very bad.
Should be gently with a moist towel on the face by, after repeated several times to remove the cleanser, without harming the skin.
Step 5: check the hair

cleaning is completed, you may think that the process of washing the face has been completed, in fact, is not the case.
Also check the hair around the mirror to see whether there are residual cleanser, this step is also often overlooked.
Some women are always around the hair is easy to long acne, in fact, because this step is ignored.
Finally, with both hands holding up cold water lift up about 20 under the face wash, while dipped in a towel with cold water, apply the face lightly.???????????????
This can make the pores tighten, while promoting facial blood circulation.
This is considered to complete the whole process of washing.

According to the above procedures to wash the face, and then look in the mirror, you will find a lot of white skin and smooth skin.
The first time that people who really wash their faces, often excited to try again immediately, but do not do so, too frequent wash your face will make the skin dry.

This meticulous way to wash a lot of efficacy, such as wrinkle-free, whitening, but need to have long-term results.
If every day in accordance with this approach seriously face, you will find your skin is slowly improving.