8 wrong brushing common sense

Many people’s habits are raised from small, but these habits are not necessarily correct, and some habits may even affect your dental health, then how to prevent some of the teeth when the teeth hurt it, the following tell you that
Cold water will lead to dentin-sensitive teeth pain, and is not conducive to the active substances in the toothpaste to play the role of the active ingredient in the toothpaste is not conducive to the toothpaste active substances in the play. (Date: 2007-12-19)
Toothpaste is the main component of friction and fluoride, laboratory studies have found that the active ingredient to play the role of the best temperature is 37 degrees Celsius.
Recommended: brush your teeth with warm water close to their own best results.??????????????

wrong 2. brushing teeth too much force when brushing teeth too much, may hurt the teeth.

Recommended: 200 grams of power is enough, about the equivalent of a finger picking up the strength of popsicles, use the power of the wrist to brush your teeth instead of the arm.
Survey shows that more than 90% of the Chinese people use the form of horizontal brushing of the teeth, the results showed that more than 90% of the Chinese people use the form of horizontal brushing teeth. “…….”………. 3. brushing brush sideways brushing

Brushing of the enamel is a physical wear.
The purpose of brushing teeth is to remove the bacteria in the surface of teeth and cracks, rather than damage the teeth themselves.
Lateral brushing on the one hand can not remove teeth in the cracks in the garbage, but also may lead to dental root wedge-shaped defects, gums damage, dentin sensitive and so on.

Suggestion: the correct way to brush your teeth along the vertical gap is the brush.
Many people think that the purpose of brushing teeth is to remove food debris, in fact, not exactly the case in the past, but also a lot of people think that the purpose of brushing is to remove food debris, in fact, not entirely true……. 4 brushing time is too short


Rinse off the water can be removed more than 90% of food residues, brush your teeth the purpose is to eliminate plaque.
Dental plaque is attached to the surface of the teeth and gums in the gap in the colorless bacteria, is the leading cause of dental caries and gingival inflammation of the culprit, the average time for Chinese people to brush your teeth every 59 seconds, this time to completely clean the mouth is not enough
Recommended: brush your teeth less than 2 minutes..
First mouthwash, toothpaste moist beneficial active ingredients work, from the beginning of detailed vertical front teeth brushing teeth and Chifeng in particular the inside so easy to overlook the place.
Because plaque growth cycle is 12 to 24 hours, so even on a business trip, 24 hours at least once to brush your teeth.

error 5. brushing the wrong time

98% of Chinese people brush their teeth every day to get up early, and then eat breakfast.
As a result, the effective mouthguard toothpaste ingredients and not much chance to stay on the teeth, but with the stomach to eat breakfast.
Recommended: 20 minutes after a meal brush your teeth.
Wake up after the mouthwash, eat breakfast, 20 minutes after a meal is the most healthy brushing.
Especially after drinking acidic drinks or eating acidic fruit, the best on the teeth after brushing past after 20 minutes, etc. these substances, to avoid more damage the tooth surface.

error 6. mouthwash after brushing too many times

toothpaste some active ingredients need to retain some of the tooth surface to form a protective layer, a period of time bacteria do not grow fast too do not have this effect a gargle.
Some people will use water and then brush a tooth, which is to help bacteria hurt their teeth silly behavior.
Suggestion: 1 mouthwash for 10 seconds is enough. 1: 1.
It was found that when we spit after brushing mouth mouthwash first time, 95% of the active ingredient have been spit, the second port will spit out the remaining 5% to 95%.
So brush your teeth with toothpaste after a mouthwash, and mouthwash time to maintain about 10 seconds like.

error 7. dry mouth, stay up late, drink less

These conditions can lead to a high incidence of dental caries.
Now people facing the computer more time to speak less time to speak, the secretion of saliva will be reduced accordingly.
Oral saliva balanced ecological functions, 23:00 after oral environment people will begin to enter the drying period, and bacteria cause dry mouth.
Suggestion: Drink green tea and clear water..
Green tea in addition to add water, which contains fluoride can also protect the teeth against bacteria.

wrong 8. with a large toothbrush was a clean brush

each person’s teeth are too small, too much toothbrush, the task will be carried out in the oral cavity is not flexible enough, the toothbrush is too small, and can not complete a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčoral cleaning.

Recommendation: Choose a suitable size of the toothbrush, tooth head size should be equal to two and a half to three teeth width.
A toothbrush the best life of not more than 1 month, the electric toothbrush 3 months UNM Clothing replacement of a toothbrush head because the intensity of the electric toothbrush more gentle, and the brush design is more conducive to tooth cleaning, so the use of life can be longer