5 tips for cleaning apples

Apple soaked in water, put a little salt in the skin, and then gently rub the skin, the surface of the dirt will soon be able to rub clean, and then rinse with water, you can eat it.
Second, prepare a basin, put some starch, then put the apple into the basin wash.
This method is also suitable for washing pears and grapes, etc., and the fruit surface is not easy to change color.
Third, the toothpaste on the apple surface, and then gently rub the skin, this approach is also very easy to use.
4, with hot water is also a good way to apple, so it is easy to apple epidermis, such as preservative cleaning.
5, in the supermarket to buy a special washing fruit lotion.
Do not use quality is difficult to guarantee the detergent, because the poor quality of the detergent, not only do not wash clean, but also may harm the body.