30 most taboo life taboo

1, Sagong should not stay in the shade. 1, Sagong should not stay in the shade. 1, Sagong should not stay.
Face to learn, Sagong is shining place, if the amount of stay before the “shade” cover the Secretary vacant, is equal to extinguish the beacon, mildew, bad gas will hold you hold, spiritual ghosts are also easy to close to you
, So the Secretary of the best hair cut pieces or poke open.
2, if the night to do a nightmare, wake up immediately after the blow to the pillow with three tones, and then touch the pillow with three, and then turn over the pillow, immediately fell asleep.
The next morning (the sun just rising), facing the West wall (the sun just shines): mouth mantra: night ominous, painted in the West wall, the sun out, Paul me auspicious at the same time,
Even said seven times, nightmare self-solution.
Remember not to tell people what you dream about.
3, travel accidentally have a bird feces pulled to the body, then gently to take off the clothes to find a crossroads, the clothes step on, the best do not wear later.);; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
4, travel or in the countryside, remember that at noon sleep, it is easy to be demons possessed.
The best stay at home or hotel at noon.
5, if you inadvertently see or encounter a pair of men and women are making love, to immediately tear their own crotch (the more difficult Oh), this is a very fierce and evil.
So we sometimes may have been an affair before the dating site may wish to cough, let the other side to avoid it.
6, in the evening or in a dream, if you hear someone shouting your name, do not agree to other people.. ?? …. ?? ..
But to observe clearly say.
Remember not to sound.
7, to go out in the wilderness camping, the temple is the best place, we see the ancient opera, the poor scholar who mostly stay in the temple, followed in the cemetery can, but be careful not to pee.
While the abandoned ancient dwellings can not live.
8, when you go through a very eerie place, as soon as possible with his right hand to the hair hard to comb up three times, your body Samadhi real fire can force back all evil.. ?? …
Remember not to scream, to save their awe-inspiring air.
Or lit the match or lighter, lights useless, smoking can be.
9, do not cross from the woman drilled under, including drying clothes.
Do not wash a woman’s lower body clothes.
Especially the menstrual period.
10, do not take anything away from the temple…. 1021998871411219982387

The destruction of the temple during the Cultural Revolution and the destruction of the gods did not all hospice.
11, if the event of a disaster or emergency, immediately knelt down to the empty prayer: rescue the Kuanyin Bodhisattva to save me, but the evil person is invalid.
12, ghost fear of animals followed by dogs, cocks, cows, sheep, pigs, animals above the ghost of the will to give way, and horses, donkeys, mules hell on the stand still.
One dog is the most evil spirits of the animals, if you are afraid of ghosts, keep a dog it.
Even in the darkest places, there is a dog at your side, to protect you sit back and relax.
So treat the dog.
Do not kill cats and dogs, or since the folding sun.
13, the bedroom is best not to have a mirror, and if so, must not be directed at the bed.
14, if not pull the curtains, wake up in the middle of the night, do not look to the window there..
15, after going to bed, slippers to be placed outwards, can not toe toward the bed.
16, for a long time people do not sleep bed, and then, to change positions, get rid of evil. “.
17, do not just open the curtain at night to see, at least, first cough and then opened again, otherwise, may see should not see the stuff.
18, the night someone called your name, do not casually agree, especially in the desolate and remote areas.. ?? ..
19, the middle of the night to the bathroom, do not look at the mirror….
20, at night before going to bed, it is best to unplug the power of the TV..
21, three years without a dream, ghosts can not move.
22, visiting the night street, avoid wearing red.
Late out, a bogey to wear black, because of the darkness of the color, ghost spiritual body attached to the most like this.
Two bogey to wear red, red for the evil spirits, the standard is a strange color, easy to attract attention, love out of the night street men and women to remember.
23, ghost word hanging mouth side.
“Guilty”, “Gui Li you”, “so ghost trouble ah” is a lot of people’s pet phrase.
Remember, these words should not be said, because the pronunciation of the magnetic field may touch the ghost.
If you often put the word “ghost” word mouth side, it is necessary to quit.
24, the long corridor of the An light. 2421.
Many home intervals have long corridors, long corridors often do not see the sun, resulting in the situation of yin and yang decline is the ghost of the supernatural favorite hiding place, so if the home has a long corridor, remember to install a long light to enhance yang, lest the ghost stay
Do not go.
25, climbing jade.
Mountain hiking is a good holiday leisure activities, but due to the high humidity, coupled with a lot of animals after death, corpse corruption, virtually strengthen the negative magnetic field.
Do not want to see “dirty things” and may wish to wear some jade ornaments, to enhance the individual’s positive magnetic field. “..
26, do not play dish cents fairy.
(Www.aizhi5.com) young people love to seek excitement, like everyone playing dish cents, pen cents, so as to predict the future.
In fact, so direct contact with the spiritual body, communication, daily can easily be sensed to “their” presence.
In particular, found Yintang black gas, these things is taboo.
27, the Eight Diagrams block the evil..
Funeral home is a funeral place, and filled with sad atmosphere, so the negative magnetic field strong.
Friends who live near the funeral home, the proposed plug in the window a piece of gossip.
The number of eight hexagrams on behalf of righteousness, full of righteousness, nature is not afraid of evil into the house, live near the funeral home are not afraid.
28, visiting the first worship of God.
If you need regular access to hospital visits, may wish to worship in advance, find a peace of mind.
If the visit to the patient is your relatives, worship the gods special effect; and if the patient is a friend rather than relatives, you can go to the general temple incense pray for gods blessing.
29, live in a hotel to avoid tail room.
Travel to live in the hotel, many people say that tail room should not live.
Because the tail room is usually less sunshine, less yang, and spiritual body like to hang around such a dark place, so if the hotel is assigned to the tail room, may wards.
30, girls chi weight, if a person in the house, but also pay attention to the above phenomenon.