15 you do not know the common sense of life

15 you do not know life common sense, super practical, and quickly learn it!

vegetables detoxification

Most pesticide spraying after a certain number of days, it will be broken down plants enzymes, bought fruits and vegetables, first put a few days, let residues have time to be broken down, but, put
into the refrigerator cold is not so often after effect, because the temperature inside the refrigerator fruit and vegetable will inhibit enzyme activity, can not break down residues, can simply put a cool room, but did not apply to perishable II-V.com leaves
when Aquatica!

eat barbecue with lemon detoxification

barbecue, if the meat directly on the meat rack, in addition to completely cooked, the burnt part should be discarded, so as not to eat carcinogens! before serving, remember drops of fresh lemon juice
, in addition to adding flavor, lemon detoxification of vc!

lemon bath make the skin more white

lemon value of production, inexpensive, not imitation often purchase, it will cut in half on weekdays extruded juice add cold water
add some sugar drink! do not squeeze through lemon peel temporarily discarded on the toilet, no matter wash bath are white skin is more tender it!

brown sugar can be cleared when

lochia menstruation menstrual cramps, it will be the end of the 2nd available
brown sugar, half a catty (ie, brown sugar) bubble water (hot or cold) when the tea so will be able to clean the womb lochia! for women’s health is the most simple method!

hairdryer easy to buy a gift given away label

when the price label is difficult to tear, pull the hand will pull the dirty black but more ugly, if you use a hair dryer blowing hot and then tear, will be easily peeled off without leaving a trace!

stockings over ice
women wear more durable

buy new stockings, the first not opened directly in the refrigerator freezer a day or two and then take out place day wear, which can increase the toughness of silk stockings, and will not happen quickly evacuated
or broken wire on the phenomenon, do not spend too much money to buy stockings!

new pots soaked prior to use

not soaked through by the new porcelain pots for flowers, pots of soil moisture will
dry, causing the flowers wither! new pots before use should soak in cold water twenty minutes and then planted flowers will not wither!

drinking lemon tea stain removal

home. fountain with a long,
there are in vain after the slag layer, then do not fake to the market to buy a lemon, seeded, the cut into half drinking fountains or a teapot boiled two or three hours, you will find that the slag becomes less,
mostly a few times, you will have satisfactory results Oh!

scarf pad pillow hair deformation

each girl has this trouble, and finally to the beauty salon to do hair later, after wake up, the hair on the deformation
! in fact, this situation is preventable, as long as the pillow before going to bed paved a smooth texture of silk, neither mess up the hair, but also to maintain beautiful hair Oh!

expired milk can wipe furniture

expired milk
when can not drink, can be soaked rag on the inside, to wipe the table. floor, can quickly remove the dirt!

cloth soaked in salt does not fade

newly purchased colored fabric, the first time into the water, add
salt soak fifteen minutes before removing the washing to prevent fabric fade!

zippers stuck when waxing process

underwear zipper stuck or difficult to pull, the first coated with wax, then wipe with a dry cloth, will be able to
Easy to pull! Chewing gum, do not rush to discard, can be used to clean up the stamp! Stick it on the surface of the flat pressure paste, soft can stretch freely, completely sticky from the dirty,
When you remove the decontamination is also to maintain the stamp surface clean, cover up clear and distinct!

stewed beef first washed with flour

frozen beef is often slightly worse because freshness, red slightly after taste taste slightly poor, if the first
Wash with flour water (or wash rice water. Drinks), and then cooked with water, until the distribution of meat flavor, had just added sesame oil and rock sugar (or sugar) to cook until thoroughly cooked, so stewed braised beef will be delicious
Bath, wounds in the bath, the body if the wound, then hit the water, it will be very painful, but will not care will be inflamed, then you can apply the oil on the wound material, like a face cream.
And the water is isolated, it will not be painful, and will not hurt !, eat calcium foods do not drink tea

oxalic acid and calcium to form stones, and tea ingredients contain oxalic acid, so the daily tea to moderate and not excessive
Especially in the practical food rich in calcium, do not drink tea immediately!