12 tips for washing machines

1, each 1 to 2 months to check the foot of the washing machine base….
2, from time to time to open the tank cover to dry in the tank to prevent mold breeding cigarettes store breeding.
3, in the long-term should not use the washing machine should be unplugged.
4, washing machine control panel and near the plug part, should be kept dry; if leakage occurs, is part of the wire has been damaged, should immediately find someone to repair. 3.
Ground wire can not be connected to the gas drum or gas pipe, in order to avoid danger.
5, after each washing clothes, clean up the filament filter and the shell, but do not use a hard brush, decontamination powder, volatile solvents to clean the washing machine, do not spray volatile chemicals such as pesticides,
So as not to damage the washing machine.

6, long-term use of washing machines, water jets easily blocked by dirt, reducing water speed, it must be thoroughly cleaned, so as to avoid poor water supply or failure.
7, washing machine Do not close to the gas stove, lit cigarettes and candles are also not near the washing machine.
8, the laundry stained with volatile solvents, do not put into the washing machine to prevent the occurrence of fire or explosion.
(www.aizhi5.com) Laundry, please remove the pocket matches, coins and other items, and pull the clothes zipper to prevent damage to the laundry tank.
9, Please do not overload the washing machine. If it runs for a long time, it may happen abnormally (such as burning smell). Please stop the operation immediately and unplug the power plug. Please contact the local service station or dealer as soon as possible. 3.
10, dehydration tank is not completely stopped before the hand must not touch.
11, do not let children climb into the laundry tank, so as to avoid danger.

12, install the grounding wire, drain or repair the washing machine side, please unplug the plug in order to safety.