11 kinds of flowers can not be placed in the bedroom

Many people like to raise some flowers in their bedroom to decorate, increase the beauty, the mood is understandable.
Flowers not only make the bedroom beautiful, but also clean up the air, good for the body.
Many people do not know the flowers are not chaotic support, there are a lot of flowers is harmful to the body, not only not appropriate, but also a serious life-threatening.

The two kinds of flowers, the aroma will stimulate the human spirit of the nervous system, it is over-excited, very easily lead to insomnia.
It distributed out of the rich flavor, will make some people have chest discomfort, suffocation and difficulty breathing. “….
Its aroma has a stimulating effect on the human stomach, not only affect appetite, but also may make pregnant women feel upset, nausea and vomiting. (Date: 2005-11-19)
It disseminated particles, such as contact with human skin, will have a skin allergic reaction. 1,.
It will emit at night a lot of particles to stimulate the sense of smell, smell of too long, will make high blood pressure and heart disease patients feel dizzy, depressed and discomfort, and even exacerbation of the disease.???????????
Its flowers contain a poisonous alkali, if people contact for too long, will speed up the hair fall off. (Date: 2007-12-29)
It can secrete a milky white liquid, exposure to a long time, will make people poisoned, causing drowsiness, mental decline and other symptoms….
Pregnant women close to it, will cause abnormal fetal voice.
Its juice contains dumb enzyme, is very detrimental to the human body….
Such as children will cause swallowing swallowing, or even cause dumb.

9, mimosa

1121998871111219982371111219982387 This flower and tulip flowers, if people contact for too long, can cause hair loss.
It is distributed out of the smell of particles, the human body is also very bad, can cause people to cause dizzy.?????????????.
These flowers and trees, and the human body will have serious adverse reactions, is one of the carcinogenic flowers and trees, not planted….